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Professional Ceramic Flat Iron

Professional Ceramic Flat Iron

Absolute hot ceramic features:

  • 1.5" Titanium floating plates effortlessly glide through hair for unprecedented sleekness.
  • Rapid heat up and precision heat maintanance allows for fully controlled styling.
  • Negative ions seal in moistures, natural oils and hair health for protected, locked style .
  • Digital tube display
  • Digital temperature control allows for customized, versatile styling experience.
  • Tangle-free 360 degree swivel cord for hassle-free use.
  • Dual voltage capability for unrestricted use.
  • 60 minutes automatic power-off for safety.

How to use:

Turning device on/off:

To turn on, plug the appliance into an appropiate power supply. To begin use, press power on/off "0/1" button. Digital screen will indicate temperature upon powering. Once finished styling, to turn device off, simply click power on/off "0/1" button again and the Digital screen will turn off.

Heat levels:

The Absolute Hot Ceramic Iron features adjustable digital heat settings. To increase temperature in intervals, press "+" button as desired. To decrease temperature in intervals, press "-" button as desired. The device will heat up to and maintain designated temperature shown on screen. To rapidly reach the maximum temperature setting, press "M" for instant heat up.

Auto power OFF:

After 60 minutes, The Absolute Hot Ceramic Flat Iron is programmed to automatically power down as an safety feature.


  • Do NOT pull on the cord to unplug your appliance. Firmly grasp the plug to remove it from any electrical outlets.
  • Do NOT handle device immediately after power on.
  • Plates will be extremly hot to the touch.
  • Wait for device to cool completely down before handling and storage.


Voltage: 220-240V & 50-60Hz
Power: 60W
MCH heater

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